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In following VAGUE’s philosophy of comfort and wearability, free from all gender rules and expectations, we launch the AW21 collection under the title PARADEIGMA.

The collection is inspired by the paradigm, a pattern example, or a sample. And from the paradigm’s “isolated example by which a general rule is illustrated”, 22 models are created, each a work of art in its own right.

Inspired by Aboriginal Artworks by Anna Price, graphic elements and ornaments that create optical illusions are drawn on each piece before being embroidered by our artisans. The Paradigm collection graphics, in their patterns, give the sense of light and of the rising sun. They create spectrums that the eye can play with and are also enhanced by the first-time addition of greys into the collection. These newly incorporated metallic grey spectrums and reflecting materials further intensify the collection concept.

PARADEIGMA collection furthermore uses its root meaning to dictate the production process. Each piece that exists now works as the sample to which made-to-order pieces will be fabricated. Working sustainably and in meeting the needs of the present, the production of this collection will limit unnecessary excess. This process allows room for further custom-made and versatile items. Each piece is therefore individually unique and also a part of a larger work of art.

Photography: Alex Pergament 

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