Our Philosophy

VAGUE is a non-gender black clothing brand launched in August 2016. For Vague the word “fashionable” is losing its strength. What we choose to wear is becoming much more subjective and individual and gender old norms are losing their importance.

At VAGUE nothing defines us. Not gender, not color, not trends. "Fashion is a constraint - a dictated season, a dictated gender, a dictated color. Everything is actually a cyclical trend." Non-gender is explicitly a part of the desire to deconstruct the motive of time and chronology in fashion, into an a-seasonality, a concept of fashion abolishing even itself. 

VAGUE has set on a mission to make clothes that are practical, functional, comfortable, wearable, and that inspire movement without seeking to imitate any trend or to fit a specific gender. Each piece is made with precise details and high-end natural fabrics. And yeah, it’s all black. 

So why black? I believe black is not a colorless color, but one in which subtleties increase and take on a more critical meaning.

Sometimes, it feels almost like painting with white color on a white canvas: the designing weight begins to tilt toward the multidimensional, and cuts, textures and various materials become very meaningful. In fact, this is a painting in black, on black canvas. Words by Anuk Yosebashvili, Vague ́s founder and designer.

Vague Brand Philosophy