Non-gender. Non-trend. Non-issue. NON is a statement for VAGUE's philosophy of non-gender designs and a-seasonality. The purpose of each garment is to offer comfort, practicality, wearability, mobility, and functionality with no relation to the wearer's gender or to passing trends. To maximize these features, the garments include voluminous shapes, extra pockets, as well as salient ribbons and layers to give the garment diverse shadows.

To contrast with the hot summer of Tel Aviv, natural and light materials in combination with loose and oversized cuts are incorporated into the pieces. Instead of layering through the use of several garments on top of one another, darts, gatherings, and foldings are used to create the layering-feel while maintaining lightness.

To highlight the NON-statement, the collection incorporates slogans and gender fluid prints made in collaboration with illustrator Chris Valentine.

Photography Alex Pergament / MU Rotem Leshem / Models Daria Robicheck, Elya Sahar & Marcel Birkenhauer