VAGUE was launched in 2016 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ever since we have offered a selection of high-end black clothing with a gender-free appeal. But why black? We interviewed VAGUE's designer Anuk Yosebashvili, to express the core idea behind our passion for black.

How did you come up with the idea of offering a selection of all-black clothing?

The choice of black color began while I was living in China, and looking back, as stated, it seems that the black color chose me, rather than the opposite.

The workload was unusual, and although I was never a multi-color type, I still used combinations and adaptations in different shades, and for years, my wardrobe was quite colorful and vintage - but now, the use of black has given me a high level of comfort, practicality, and focus. Easy and fast, allegedly.  

Slowly, black began to dominate the entire wardrobe, and with it came the desire to express essence and style within the rich and challenging world of one color. At the same time, this color corresponds with the desire to express VAGUE, since it enables blurring and fading lines of gender and characterization. 

VAGUE designer Anuk Yosebashvili

What does the color black make you feel?

I have always known that black is not a colorless color, but one in which subtleties increase and take on a more critical meaning. However, only when I began to delve deeper into it, I discovered how the world open up to me is infinite and challenging. It makes me feel sophisticated, powerful, elegant, and mysterious at the same time.

Do you ever feel that using only black limits your work as a designer?

The black color pushes me to filter the world around me. The goal is to place in the center the values that are very important to me and constitute the purpose of the garment - none of which refers to the color and gender - comfort, quality, practicality, wearability, motility, and functionality.

In correspondence to VAGUE - just as black is the absorption of all colors the brand itself is the absorption of different shades of people which allows them to express themselves differently and not the society.

Are there any challenges with the color black when it comes to fashion?

Black is not a bright or flashy color, but it "forces" me to play on small nuances, complex details, and many subtleties to differentiate the items.

The designing weight begins to tilt toward the multi-dimension, instead of limitations, it opens my mind and creativity. Cuts, textures, and various materials become very meaningful. In fact, this is a painting in black, on black canvas.

VAGUE also has some pieces that are not only black. Why is that?

I've mentioned earlier that black has given me a high level of comfort, practicality, and focus. Easy and fast, allegedly. Recently I wasn't feeling attached to it, due to the pandemic and uncertain times, I wanted to reflect and explore brighter shades of black-a new space in grays, for better times.

I enhanced for the first-time addition of greys into the PARADEIGMA AW21 collection, which was inspired by Aboriginal Artworks by Anna Price. The collection graphics, in their patterns, give the sense of light, hope, and the rising sun. These newly incorporated metallic grey spectrums and reflecting materials further intensify the collection concept.

All the grey items from the latest collection are designed in black as well, for our reliable black color lover customers.