VAGUE is a non-gender black fashion brand launched in August 2016 in Tel Aviv. The owner and designer, Anuk Yosebashvili, is a graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Designing, with a master's degree in design of footwear and fashion accessories from the Polimoda Institute in Florence. 

NON-GENDER. NON-TREND. NON-ISSUE. The choice of non-gender design has never stemmed from a perception that does not recognize gender. The wearer is, of course, important and the gender must be relevant and is existing. 

However, the design should not be related to the gender element. The goal is to place in the center the values that are marked by the designer and constitute the purpose of the garment - none of which are gender - comfort, practicality, wearability, motility, functionality. Therefore, as sometimes VAGUE is being mistaken in regard to the designs, it is not unisex, since it's not meant to fit for both sexes, nor to fit the designs into any sex, at all. Designing a model according to the gender of the wearer is irrelevant to VAGUE. The model is designed to be worn by its wearer, whoever it may be.

"Fashion is a constraint - a dictated season, a dictated gender, a dictated color. Everything is actually a cyclical trend." Non-gender is explicitly a part of the desire to deconstruct the motive of time and chronology in fashion, into an a-seasonality, a concept of fashion abolishing even itself.

Vague Duologia AW18 collection

NOT MONOTONY. MONOCHROMACY. Black is not a colorless color, but one in which subtleties increase and take on a more critical meaning. However, only when beginning to delve deeper into it, it opens up as infinite and challenging. Granted, it is not a bright or a flashy color, but it "forces" the artist to play on small nuances, complex details, and many subtleties to differentiate the items. Sometimes, it feels almost like painting with white color on a white canvas: the designing weight begins to tilt toward the multidimensional, and cuts, textures and various materials become very meaningful. In fact, this is a painting in black, on black canvas.

The black color pushes to filter the world around into its concepts and allows to romanticize monochromacy.

Vague Sandance Editorial

MOVEMENT. MOVEMENT. MOVEMENT. A proper movement of a garment, an aspiration for an action, a movement within seeming stability - these motives are central to each of the VAGUE models.

The designs sanctify the practical aspect, the thought of the garment in advance when it is at rest but also in motion. The garment must be a natural fusion of the wearer's body, inherent even in the wearer's kinetics, and feels organic and possess its own natural momentum.

When you remove the garment, it knows how to fold, transform, become a different, new design, and enable the aspired powerful functionality. Out of this perspective, the use of different fabrics and textures derives from its naturality - cotton, linen, pique, wool (sometimes a certain amount of synthetics only to provide wind clogging or shape, but nothing more), and gives levels and layers that allows a new interpretation to the item with every adding or removing.