I am ANUK YOSEBASHVILI, owner, and designer of VAGUE, a non-gender black fashion brand launched in August 2016 in Tel Aviv. I'm a graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Designing, with a master's degree in design of footwear and fashion accessories from the Polimoda Institute in Florence.

In 2013, my final project won the A-Design Award and I represented Israel as a finalist in the International Talent Support (ITS).

Anuk Yosebashvili

HOW? WHY? WHAT? My design concept is influenced by two major niches that appear on the milestones roadmap of my early stages as a designer - working with fashion accessories (bags and shoes) and the usage of 3D technologies. With an emphasis on the combination of the latter with the former.

Into this, I began to pour my passion of all that is black (a color that chose me more than I chose it, as it trickled in gentle and increasing drops into my work).

Out of this place of obscurity, the absence of a clear statement, I found the definition of the lack of definition. The term "Vague" began to grow beyond the filling of the place it had acquired, and became a theme: a work that seeks to blur, obscure and erase clear lines of gender and wearable characterization.

Thus, my first designs that were used primarily to express personal perception and concepts of fashion, with no room for applicability and practicality (designs of iron bags or shoes with sharp stilettos heels impossible to walk in).

Now, it was converted respectively, with the conceptual and concrete transition to "Vague", into what became the ideal synthesis: the garment is the center of the show and the leading expresser (Which is why gender is not relevant, because the work is free of the wearer's influence and full of influence on the wearer), this time, while containing a high levels of wearability and functionality.